Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Why I Became A Photographer

Nearly thirteen years ago, my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world, a little boy. We fell in love. Having now the most adorable subject in the world, I picked up my camera and began snapping his every move, pose, expression and milestone.

This photograph of me was taken by my lovely young friend May of 'From May's Desk '

I found the enjoyment I experienced with photography during high school was still within me and I quickly became addicted.

Initially, photography was a way to capture my beautiful children's lives, and it still is, but it's progressed to an interest in nature photography and some still life photography as well.

Photography, to me, is a tool in which we capture memories, moments and beauty that we don't want to forget. 

The process of photography is thrilling; there are many times where I'm driving and long to stop the car to capture a picturesque landscape, a broken down barn, a shimmering creek, cattle grazing on a luscious green hill, a dead tree.

I can sum up my love of photography with just one word - beauty.

I love being surrounded by beauty, looking for beauty, creating beauty and capturing beauty.

What was it that made you become a photographer?


  1. Wonderful post!
    The first time I really took photos was when I saw my little sister wandering around the yard in the afternoon. I thought, "I want to capture that."
    So I did! And when I fell in love with some of the photos I took, I decided to keep going.

    1. I'm glad you've kept going May, because your photography is beautiful!


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