Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Art Of Self Teaching

There are many creative outlets that I enjoy, and for a while a few years ago, I was feeling restricted by a tight budget and not being able to attend 'professional classes' regularly. 

I remember my parents allowing and paying for me to go to after school art lessons where we were taught some techniques in chalk pastel drawings and a little in oil paintings. When we just had two children, I attended with a friend a pastel portrait class for a few weeks but (I can't even remember why) we never completed it. I took art in school, but a lot of the learning was 'learn as you go'.

So for the biggest part of my creative journey, I've been self taught. Pretty much everything I've learnt about photography I've taught myself. The same for acrylics and water colours (what I'm practicing now).

Why am I sharing this you ask?

Because you need to know that there's no hard and fast rule to learning. 

If you're wanting to learn something new, then just begin! There's absolutely no need to be limited if you can't have lessons. You're actually free-er to explore and develop your own style when you teach yourself. There's countless amounts of free resources available to teach you what you're wanting to know.

Here's some free resources that I use:

  • You tube tutorials (there are tutorials for anything and everything these days ... help yourself!)
  • The library (our library has old books they sell for gold coin donation, some of which are fantastic!)
  • Other artists/musicians/writers work etc 
  • DVD tutorial lessons
  • Internet articles/websites/blogs
  • Friends who are willing to give you some tips and advice
  • practicing all these new ideas/techniques without the need to get it right straight away.

Don't get discouraged if your progress is slow, it would be even slower if you did nothing at all! Little by little you will begin to see an advancement in your skills and techniques. You will begin to define what your style is and what you love about your unique art! Enjoy the process along the way, it's all part of the experience!

Start small, no matter how small. This is where I find a practise journal is a priceless tool! You can explore anything and everything without the expectation of perfection.

Your creativity is important and the world needs what you've got to offer. 

Don't give up on who you've been made to be. 

Keep learning any way you can ... you'll be so glad you did!

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