Monday, 5 May 2014

A New Toy!

The other day I bought a second-hand Canon EOS 3000 camera.

I'm so excited by this purchase!

I studied photography in grade 10 and 11 at high school and we only had film camera's 'back then'. I loved the challenge of producing a beautiful quality photograph without seeing the end result before development.

Something that I live by is we never reach a stage where we've stopped learning and so with this camera I know that I'm going to really enjoy a new learning challenge all over again! Whatever your creative abilities and interests are, there is always greater understanding that you/we can gain from practise, challenging ourselves and seizing learning opportunities.

I've purchased some film (24exp)and now I just have to wait aaalllll the way to pay day, to purchase the two rather expensive lithium batteries needed! (good things come to ...) But that outlay is minimal especially considering the camera itself was an absolute bargain at just $25! (The seller informed me that it's over $700 worth!) I figure it's a worthwhile investment as far as camera expenses goes.

So, I'm giving the 'old fashioned way' a go again and I'm looking forward to being able to show you some of the results (provided they actually turn out half decent!)

Do you own this camera or similar? Any tips or suggestions for me? Thanks!

Have fun enjoying your creativity!

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