Friday, 9 May 2014

My Inspiration Sources

Inspiration for creativity is absolutely everywhere.

I love the quote that says "Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it" - Confucius

This is so true. We spend so much time rushing and hurrying that we really need to consider taking time to slow; to reflect, to relax, to take in the beauty that is all around us and at the ready for us to draw inspiration from.

Want to know some ways to be inspired?!

Well here's a list of the things that I 'go to' when needing some new creative ideas and direction ...

  • reading books on being an artist or being creative
  • looking at and studying nature
  • visits to libraries and book shops (way too tempting!)
  • technique books
  • pinterest (slightly addicted)
  • seeing the amazing work of other artists
  • conversations about art and creativity with like minded people
  • purchasing new supplies (hold me back!)
  • visiting art galleries/museums
  • online webpages/blogs
  • grabbing my camera and just beginning to snap at anything and everything!
  • looking through old journals and notebooks to see if anything 'sparks' any new ideas
  • knowing that everyday is a chance to learn, enjoy, create and be inspired.

So what gets you so inspired to pick up your paint brush, your guitar, your wooden spoon or your pen?

Feel free to add your 'go to's' to my list ... I'd love to hear how you are inspired!

"Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly ... prime it with a little solitude" - Brenda Ueland.

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