Monday, 12 May 2014

My All Time Essential Art Supplies

I've found that I have a habit of reaching for the same art supplies each time that I create something. Are you like that? I know that sometimes I try to use different things, or not use a particular thing, and I always end up with it back in my fingers! I just can't help myself! 

The other day I was wanting to do another page in my confirmation journal, and I was stuck with what to do. I was looking at my supplies in front of me and came up with the idea of sketching these as a record of what I most frequently use.

It was very relaxing and enjoyable actually ... I went on to do another page about what photography means to me (I'll save that for another post though!) This is something you should try if you're stuck in a bit of a 'no idea what to create' stage too! It really will help you to think of other pieces to create as you go along.

Do you want to see it? 

I drew each Supply by using the supply itself. E.g. I painted the travelling water colours with the water colour paints in the tray. I coloured the circles in the Bic Markers and Sharpie Pens with the colours that I have them in.

The acrylic paint tube is painted with acrylic paint, the charcoal is charcoal, the oil pastel is oil pastel and so on ...

I really enjoy using palette knives with acrylic paints, in fact I rarely use a brush with them. I use brushes with water colours, but just love the texture and ease that comes with using a palette knife with acrylics.

I don't think I would be able to function artistically without my stabilo black pen! It's definitely an essential for outlining or just pen sketching. 

 Do you use any of these products yourself? Are there any other new art products you could share with me? Be sure to let me know if you've created your own 'Essential Art Supplies Page' ... I would love to see it! 

Have a fantastic week!

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