Friday, 2 September 2016

Art Studio Tour

I always find myself so intrigued and inspired by looking through other people's creative spaces. I'm a bit of a sticky beak with that kind of thing! So I thought I'd show you around, or should I say 'in', my art studio. It's not exactly a room, rather, it's a cupboard, in our lounge room. And I just love it!

We've not long been in our first ever own home & we've been having so much fun adding things here & there & setting it up how we like it! As there was not a spare room for me to claim as my art zone, I had to get creative and come up with another solution. I mean, I quite like art supplies strewn across the home, but I don't think the rest of my family does!

So enter my solution ...

Now for inside ...

Each container holds a different supply on the top shelf. The clear rectangle ones are actually bathroom organisers that I bought from a cheap shop, they're perfect for holding my washi tape! The blue garden tin holds my chalk pastels, the silver tin behind them holds my Gelato's, behind that the pottery vase holds my oil pastels. The round timber container at the front holds charcoal, the timber box behind that all my coloured pens that I use for journaling. 

The books are a mixture of painting books, journals, colouring books, and art journals. I keep these up here, as these are the books I access most often.

The shelf below the top one, holds a mixture of scrap booking albums, a timber drawer full of chalk pastels, a white basket of colouring pencils, a film SLR camera, and a vase full of paint brushes ... this cupboard makes me smile every time I open it! 

The two drawers are for holding extra pens, pencils, tapes, cutters, gold and silver leaf, brushes, and a ridiculous amount of spare journals (that my two daughters are always trying to get their little hands on!)

So, that's it! 
I wanted to share my customised 'art studio' with you to show you that there isn't always a need for a whole room to let yourself enjoy your creativity. A small space, when organised well, works just fine (and is much easier to manage too!)

And you probably guessed that my designated working space is ... yep, the dining table!

Is there a cupboard in your home that you could customise for your 'art studio'?

Happy organising!