Monday, 31 March 2014

Budget Decorating - Beautiful Little Succulent Planters

I absolutely love op-shopping! The thrill of the hunt to find that 'perfect piece' at just the right price is fantastic! It's become over the last two years my most favourite way to decorate my home, and I think of home decorating as another form of my creative expression.

While I was op-shopping the other day, I found a bargain! I was looking for some planters for some beautiful little succulent cuttings a lovely friend gave me. I was wanting something unique and unusual to plant them in. After looking through a couple of shops with nothing jumping out at me, I went to the community shop and found three vintage pyrex (I think) bowls in red, green and yellow. Perfect! They were $1.50 each! 

I came home and dug up some soil from the garden, picked out some of the whitest stones that we have along the front garden and got to work with my four kids planting up these pretty little plants. Do you want to see them?!

Here they are ... (can you tell that I really really love them?!)

I have lined these along the servery of my kitchen where they can be enjoyed daily. This is the first time I've had indoor plants in any house that we've lived in. It's so good trying new things to make a house a home! I just hope I can keep them alive!

So what do you think? Do you enjoy decorating your home on a budget too?

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