Monday, 24 March 2014

A Bit About Me

Hello again!

I thought that I'd just quickly tell you a bit about me and the creative things that I love to do. 

Firstly, I am a wife to an amazing man (of almost 13 years) and mother to four absolutely amazing children! I love our family to bits and pieces and try and make the most of each day with them!

I'm trying to do something creative each day, whether big or small. Sometimes that happens, sometimes life happens and I don't get to do anything! But that's ok. I'm trying to let go,loosen up and accept things for what they are.

So, I enjoy ...

scrapbooking (though I'm ridiculously behind!)
art journaling (any journaling actually!)
poetry and story writing
blogging (obviously!)
home decorating

I'm hoping that this space will clarify the direction to take my art ... but I'm not in any rush. I'll know when I know! I'll do posts on all of these things as I go along.

Thanks for staying a while! I hope we can share our creativity together here in this little space!

Happy creating!

All photographs property of Embrace Create Enjoy, please do not copy in any way, thank you. 

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