Thursday, 27 March 2014

Breakfast In The Rain

This morning we have woken to the most glorious sound ... the sound of rain. My bed was so snugly and warm that I really didn't want to get out from under the soft covers. But I'm glad I did. I was 'supposed' to be helping my four children get ready for the day, but, I got distracted! 

When I opened the back door a flurry of Rainbow Lorikeets flew out of the beautiful tree in the back yard. Thankfully, they came back and I couldn't resist rushing to get my camera to snap a few photos of these stunning little creatures. Nature is just astoundingly beautiful and I'm so thankful that I am a photographer as I have the privilege of capturing such amazing beauty that's all around us.

I thought you may like to see these colorfully decorated feathered friends. You can use these images as inspiration for a sketch or painting if you like, that's fine with me! Beauty is to be shared and so is art, so enjoy! Just be sure to let me know if you've created a beautiful piece with them, I'd love to see it!

So here are the lovely little fellows ...

All photos are property of Create Embrace Enjoy,
please do not print and copy, thank you!

It was a very nice way to start the morning! 
And yes, the kids got to school on time!

Happy creating!

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