Friday, 28 March 2014

Getting Past The Doubt - A Confirmation Journal

As an artist I've always struggled with doubt and fear. 

I've asked myself so many times I've lost count; 
do people really want to see my art? Do they really like it? Do they really enjoy my writing; is it impacting? 

Maybe you can relate?

However, I'm not going to concern myself with what others think any longer. I'm just going to enjoy my creativity, develop my style and techniques, play and have fun! 

A tool that has helped me to remember to be confident is a 'confirmation journal'. I've just recently started this.

It's an A4 Visual Diary (I'm really addicted to them!) that I have dedicated to filling to the brim with anything that affirms my creativity. Any quotes, paragraphs from art books I read, scriptures, poems; anything that speaks to me about why it's important to create and believe in the value and worth of what I do, and essentially, who I am.

It's been a very enjoyable process as I create art with the words, rather than just write them in plainly. It's therapeutic, great practice and very inspiring. 

I'm looking forward to the day that I have a stuffed full visual diary of art that confirms the creative person I've been made to be!

Do you have a technique/journal that helps you to overcome your doubt and fear and quieten those negative questions? 

At some stage, I will do another post on this journal as the pages fill up more! I have quotes everywhere about art that I'll add next, and probably post the quotes on here for you to enjoy too!

You are a unique artist, you have your own style, your own perspective on life. Don't doubt your abilities and enjoy the art you make!


  1. Hey Leash, attempting to post on here! Absolutely loving your creations. Xxx

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks for saying hi! Thanks for your compliment xx


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