Friday, 12 August 2016

Mixed Media Art Journaling

The way of the artist makes room for rest, for inspiration, for freedom of expression. It's a reflection of the inner person, a chance to breathe, to connect, to focus. 

Art is an addiction, and today I was able to feed that addiction just a little. And gee was it nice. Just to stop. To relax, to get messy fingers. To free designs, colours and images that have been swirling around on the canvas of my mind.

I attended a local mixed media journal class, and while mixed media journaling isn't new to me, it has been a good few months since I've had the pleasure of enjoying it's creative freedoms.

Today Gelato's and spray ink held my attention, and I found myself delighted with their ease of use, their colour vibrancy and their forgiving nature when I made mistakes! It's safe to say that mixed media journaling is something I'm definitely going to continue with!

Words are an important part of the mixed media journaling process for me, and I'm always needing to include something that is deep and holds a lot of personal meaning. I feel my work isn't complete until the right words are woven into each piece. 

After completing my artwork today, I realized that I'm actually not going to add it to my journal, but frame it instead. I don't think I could bare cutting it in half to stick it in my journal! 

I'm looking forward to next Friday (I hope I can wait that long!) for the next journal class ...

I wonder what we'll create?!


  1. Sounds like such a fun class. Great job! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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