Friday, 26 June 2015

First Ever Abstract Piece!

Abstract art has always been something that I've appreciated, but not really personally enjoyed. Which is why I found myself very shocked when I had a huge urge to paint abstract! Where did that come from?! 

Seeing as I'm trying to challenge myself with my art, and be brave in trying new things, I thought that I probably should do an abstract piece! And let me tell you, it was so FUN!

As we're also in the process of moving house, I realised after I had all the paint out and impasto mixed in, that my pallet knives are packed! So ... I cut up rectangles of packing boxes instead! Using cardboard was easier than I thought, and so was the clean up!

I have named this piece "Reflections" and for my first EVER abstract work, I am very happy with it!

What do you think?

Hope you enjoy doing something creative this weekend!

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