Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mixed Media Canvas Art

Yesterday I had a blast creating my first two Mixed Media artworks! I had paint all over my fingers and the floor (and on my clothes!), but it was just so relaxing and therapeutic! The best thing about mixed media is that you don't necessarily have to do a whole heap of thinking ... you just get to create and it turns out however it turns out!

Here's the first one I made ... Mixed Media Canvas 'Elegance' ...


I am very happy with this piece! I really love the blues and yellows, the design and the texture!

The next piece that I created I wanted to steer away from my normal blue/green/yellow/turquoise choices; create something in colours I'm not used to using. So I decided on purple. 

I think it ended up turning out really well, even though I'm still not completely sold on purple! It was good to give myself a small creative challenge.

I found creating these pieces were very quickly addictive! I'm already thinking and planning on more to create (I have a couple of 'themes' in mind) and I'm very excited to begin!

Have you given yourself a little creative challenge at all lately? If not, maybe you could try one of these ...
  • paint a small piece using a brand new medium that you find difficult
  • create a piece using different tones/shades of the one colour only
  • paint using a colour you actually don't really like
  • see if you can use a different technique than ones you normally use
  • create an artwork that is a completely different style than you normally go for
However you create, whatever you create, just remember your art is unique to you. Don't stress about others opinions, just enjoy your creativity and let it out!

Have a fun, creative week!


  1. Beautiful work again! It's always a feast for my eyes to see your work.

    1. Haahaa! A feast for the eyes; I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :)


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